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Environmentally sourced, sustainable timber.

From forest to your home, we only use timber sourced from responsibly managed forests, and unlike many other companies our kitchens are produced from scratch in workshops throughout the Midlands. This helps to reduce emissions and create a minimum carbon footprint.

Choosing the correct material for different functions within a cabinet is essential. For example, we use tulipwood for the doors, drawers, frames and drawer boxes. Its a robust high density, knot free, close grained hardwood for a really smooth finish and guaranteed not to twist or warp. To maintain complete stability in rooms that can experience wide humidity variations, carcasses are constructed from high grade birch plywood that does not suffer from moisture ingress.

Even our worktops are carefully selected - we don’t offer Beech worktops because being the ‘softest’ of the hardwoods, its not a close grain timber and therefore prone to water penetration and fungal attack. After decades of visits to customers houses we know that Beech worktops experience the highest failure rate so we don’t sell them.


You will be delighted to discover the enduring quality that we build into every piece of furniture we produce.

Confidence in our cabinetry is guaranteed and by going to extreme measures you can be reassured that your kitchen will give you decades of reliable service.

Doors are mortise and tenoned, pinned and glued to guarantee maximum durability. Drawer boxes are constructed from plywood with a rebated plywood base. The very best German fully extending soft close runners are used throughout (standard drawers can take up the 40kg in weight). Carcasses and frames are assembled using biscuit-joints, screws and glue (most other companies rely on only screws).

Even wall cabinets get the heavy-duty treatment with hangers that can take 260kg (that’s equivalent to 40 Stones per cabinet).

Shelves are constructed from the same high grade plywood and fitted using an infinitely adjustable recessed shelving system to maximize your storage space.


When visiting our showroom, we’d like to invite you to call into our workshop just 20 minutes away - a lot closer than other kitchens that are made in China or Vietnam!

There’s nothing quite like actually seeing something being produced. Whether its Walkers, who produce over 5 million packets of crisps a day or a blacksmith at work forging a horseshoe, the creation of a product is an endearing sight. Our team of joiners would love to meet you and show you first-hand the craftmanship required to create an Original Shaker handmade kitchen.

Speak to our craftsmen and you’ll see the pride and passion that goes into every piece of furniture we create. If we’re privileged enough to be entrusted with your new kitchen, we guarantee to maintain the highest possible standards of cabinet making throughout your kitchen or bathroom.


Nobody does it better.

The majority of our kitchens are painted so we invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring every kitchen is finished to perfection. Our paints are all waterbased (to minimise VOC emissions in your home and much kinder on the environment).

Firstly, we apply two undercoats followed by two top coats (unlike most other companies who only apply two top coats). After applying the second sprayed top coat we brush it down and then a apply a final coat to create an incredibly beautiful, easy to clean surface. The hand painted finish also makes it easier to touch up (we give you plenty of spare paint just in case accidents happen).

All drawers and cabinet interiors (excluding open shelves and glazed cupboards) are spray lacquer finished in a choice of clear or dark stain. Unlike painted interiors, they won’t mark or scratch from saucepans and tins, etc. - making them far more durable and easier to keep clean. Original Shaker timber worktops get the same treatment (cut to size option only) with an incredibly long-lasting finish that only requires a damp cloth and the occasional application of Mr. Sheen - no more regular oiling!



We’ve refined our manufacturing process to minimise cutting and waste.

By combining state-of-the-art CNC cutting and finishing processes with traditional cabinet making, our furniture represents remarkable value for money.

Compare our prices with high street studios and you’ll agree that your investment is money well spent and going to give you years of joy in the most important room in your home.

Paint Finishes

There’s no cutting corners with our paint.

Some companies only apply two top coats of paint. We don’t. We spray two undercoats and then three top coats. All completed in the workshop and not painted on site as some companies do.

This saves a week of painters in your home and allows you to get straight into your new kitchen - and its a better finish because its completed in a controlled environment away from dust, pets and children!


Pioneers of worktops that stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Our custom built timber worktops look fabulous because we seal all the surfaces with a really tough lacquered finish. Virtually all other companies only give them a quick coat of oil and expect you to keep applying it for many months to come. Its a task that inevitably never gets completed so they deteriorate.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which surface you’ll prefer to have - maintenance free or regular oiling?

Granite and quartz worktops include templating and fitting (if required) and look fabulous.

Have you considered mixing surfaces?

Knobs & Handles

Competively priced and look fantastic.

We’ve scoured the world for decent knobs, handles and cup pulls. Our main concerns were design, finish and price.

Take a look at the selection and let us know what your thoughts on our selection. We think you’re going to like them!


Planning Your Kitchen

Where do you start your journey? With such a bewildering choice of kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks, taps and countertops, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Whilst meeting with customers in the showroom or in their homes, we’ve viewed countless kitchen plans and have been horrified at some of the designs.

We won’t try and cram as many cabinets in as possible - less is most definitely more for an uncluttered kitchen that’s both practical and a joy to be in.

Visit Our Showroom

Take time to visit our showroom in the Cotswolds.

It makes a wonderful day/weekend away in a particularly picturesque part of the country.

One of our designers will be delighted to spend as much time with you as required. It can be a fleeting visit or an indepth discussion. You might be surprised how much information will be gathered but it will give us a detailed brief and help to tranform your ideas into a stunning kitchen.

We think that you’re going to be impressed but come and judge for yourself - we make a pretty good cup of coffee a well!

Arrange A Home Visit

We’ve got the country covered.

No matter where in the UK you live, one of our designers will visit you, free of charge and without obligation.

Its only by seeing your home that we can truly appreciate its layout, design and your preferences.

Our comprehensive site survey will both surprise and inspire you. Customers frequently comment that its the most fruitful couple of hours they’ve spent - our knowledge and advice is invaluable, and its free!

Call us now to arrange your home visit.

Design Service

We consider this to be the most important part of the process.

Once we’ve received a detailed brief our experienced designers will create a stunning design - and we don’t expect you to travel across the country to view it. All plans, elevations and quotations are emailed to you for consideration in your own time (unlike some companies, we promise not to keep pestering you with calls.

It normally takes 3-4 revisions to get the design spot-on. We’ll help you with all aspects of the kitchen - colour choice, countertops, handles, appliances, sink and taps, lighting and flooring.

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